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Google's G

Google's GWhy Google?

I woke up this morning, shut off the alarm on my Droid and rolled out of bed to check the latest news via Reader. Knowing that I have an interview to do this afternoon, I pulled up the address on Maps, zoomed in to Street View and saved the driving directions for later.

Welcome to a typical day for a growing number of people. Google is, in my opinion, the most exciting company in the world at this point in time. No other company is as ingrained into the daily routine of so many people. We use its products, rely on its resources and even speak its name in common conversation as a verb.

Right now is a rather opportune time to have a blog dedicated to the news of Google. Just consider the past week and what we’ve seen as breaking stories. Google in China, the opinions over the Nexus One, fiber-optic Internet in select cities…the list goes on. Oh and there’s a pretty decent chance that you’ve found this article via a Google search, just in case you forgot that Google does make a pretty decent search engine as well.

What about you?

TNW’s Google Channel is as much about how we use Google’s products as it is about the products themselves. With this new channel, I’ll be writing a lot about the breaking news from Google, but I also want to hear from you. What are your “can’t live without it” Google items? Have an opinion on something that Google is doing, or just want to offer a different perspective? Please, feel free to get in touch via the Contact page.

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