Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Irish search engine Doogle

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Irish search engine Doogle

Courtesy of Doogle comes this suggestion for St. Patrick’s Day:

If you tend to think of Irish whiskies as soft, rounded blends for easy sipping, it’s time you tried a wee dram of Connemara. This unfiltered whiskey, made from malted barley smoked over peat collected on Ireland’s western coast, packs a powerful punch—and not just because it’s almost 60 percent alcohol. (Connemara offers a tamer, 80-proof bottling as well.) If you didn’t read the label, you’d swear this whiskey hailed from Scotland’s Islay region, home to such famously peaty powerhouses as Laphroaig and Lagavulin.

Beneath that heavy blanket of Irish peat smoke, however, lie delicate nuances of heather, honey and oak. It’s a whiskey that lingers long after your glass is drained. Pair it with a pint of roasty Irish porter or stout for a traditional St. Patrick’s Day celebration, or just pull out the bottle anytime you want to share a little Irish pride with your friends.

Available at drinkupny.com.

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