Eagle Flight and Star Trek: Bridge Crew to support cross-platform VR play

Eagle Flight and Star Trek: Bridge Crew to support cross-platform VR play

The VR landscape is one that’s fundamentally fragmented. Several manufacturers have their own devices, including Oculus, HTC, and Sony, and they’re all inherently different. But thankfully, this isn’t going to get in the way of some good old-fashioned multiplayer gaming, as Ubisoft just introduced cross-platform multiplayer to Eagle Flight.

Now, no matter what system you use, you’ll be able to play with your friends who also have a copy of the game.

Eagle Flight was one of the standout VR games demonstrated at E3 earlier this year, and it’s nice that it’s not going to be hamstrung by the ongoing headset wars. Especially when you consider that cross-platform play isn’t the norm. As Engadget pointed out, those playing Rocket League on a Playstation 4 are still (still!) unable to compete with someone with an Xbox One.

The game is set in a post-apocalyptic version of Paris, some 50 years after humans have become extinct. As the name suggests, you play an eagle. Your job is to traverse the city, where you must defeat rival eagles with the goal of finding a place for your nest.

Ubisoft has said that Warewolves Within and the tantalizing Star Trek: Bridge Crew will also play nice with VR headsets of all stripes when they are eventually released. Maybe going forward, cross-platform play will be the norm for VR, and not the exception.


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