Super Mario Run finally makes its iOS debut on December 15

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New iPhones are nice and all, but perhaps the biggest news out of Apple’s September event was that Nintendo was making its first ever mobile game, Super Mario Run.

We now have a release date: December 15.

If you’re not familiar, the game is Nintendo’s take on the common “endless running” genre. Mario keeps running, and you tap on the screen to make him jump.


It’s not something totally original at first glance, but this is Nintendo were talking about – there’s likely to be a few twists thrown in to make it better than your average mobile game.

There are also two other game modes, including a ‘ghost’ mode to compete against other player’s times, a la Mario Kart, as well as make-your-own level mode as well. You use coins collected in game to buy assets for creating your own levels.

You can play each game mode for free, but for the full experience, you’ll have to pay 9.99 – the games only in-app purchase. Given Nintendo’s distaste for in-app purchases, the one-time upgrade seems like a reasonable compromise.

Though Nintendo has said the game is coming to Android, there’s still no word on when that will actually happen.

Super Mario Run Launches for iPhone & iPad on Dec. 15 on Business Wire

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