Red Alert 2 in VR looks like the trippiest way to play the legendary game

Red Alert 2 will forever be one of the best real-time strategy games. Even if you weren’t a fan of the timeless gameplay, the ridiculous cinematic cutscenes will be forever stuck in your mind.

Even though the workings might not have aged much 16 years after its release, the visuals definitely have. And what better way to bring a game back into the current day, than to re-imagine it in VR?

Gamer and developer Ádám Horváth took up the project after having recently realized a virtual mirror to try on clothes. By creating a version of the game that runs in Unreal Engine 4, he was able to integrate VR-based gameplay. By putting on a HTC Vive, you can lose yourself in Yuri’s dimension.

The player is presented with a virtual tablet-like device that can be used to select buildings and other units that then can be placed on the game map with a laser pointer on the right-hand side. All this happens while you’re flying overhead, which makes for a great view of the playing field.

The game unfortunately only serves as a proof-of-concept for now, so there’s no guarantee we’ll see a full version anytime soon — but it does offer an exciting look at the possible future of strategy games.

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