This endless 80s-inspired pinball game is ridiculously addictive

I don’t often play games, but I vividly remember the hours I put into Smash Hit, a beautiful arcade game for iOS and Android. It quickly became one of the App Store most-downloaded games, and rightfully so.

Mediocre, the studio behind the hit game, today released PinOut — and it’s extremely fun.


It takes classic pinball mechanics and turns them into something completely new, by lining up a seemingly endless array of levels. By using the flippers, you need to get the ball as high up as possible before time runs out. Luckily, there are a multitude of power-ups and minigames to gain extra seconds.

All of this takes place in a gorgeous neon-lit world accompanied by throbbing 80s beats, heavily inspired by the aesthetics of movies like TRON.

The game is a lot of fun to play, thanks to the great combination of simple but exciting gameplay and flashy graphics. Even though it starts off pretty easy, the difficulty quickly ramps up — I’m currently totally stuck on level 3.

It’s available right now for both iOS and Android for the unbeatable price of free, with the option to shell out $1,99 for extra features like the option to start from saved checkpoints.

PinOut [iOS – Free]
PinOut [Android – Free]

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