Watch: Super Mario geek analyzes the game’s eye-blinking patterns – and it’s so fascinating

Super Mario fans can be quite hardcore, but few are as devoted to Nintendo’s classic game as YouTuber Pannenkoek2012.

In a fascinating new video, the Super Mario geek has analyzed the eye-blinking patterns of almost all characters that appear in the game.

To get the project off the ground, the YouTuber divides all characters in two groups – blinking and non-blinking.


Pannenkoek2012 then proceeds to inspect the eye mechanics of all blinking characters, distinguishing between five various patterns that different characters exhibit throughout the game.

One of the YouTuber’s most captivating discoveries is perhaps how Mario and Princess Peach seem to blink in sync. It’s a nice touch on Nintendo’s part given the dynamics between these two; as Pannenkoek says, “it’s actually kind of romantic.”


Curious to see the remaining four eye-blinking patterns Pannenkoek2012 has identified? Watch the full video in the section above.

Blinking in Super Mario on YouTube

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