This week in gaming: A GIPHY roundup

This week in gaming: A GIPHY roundup

Today, we start our weekly video games recap with GIFs that may not be directly related to interactive entertainment, but they’re still worthy of your attention.

This is an interesting take on classic “Pong”…

…and this is an even more remarkable variation of “Duck Hunt.”

Be sure to test it on your newly-bought LED panel in 4K resolution!

This clever robot has found a winning strategy for “Tic-Tac-Toe”.

“For Honor” alpha is the highlight of this week, supplying us with pure combat viscerality.

One against two? Too easy!

Armored knights charging you at full speed? Just use your shield!

Even if the enemies managed to get to you, don’t worry !
Your character can survive all kinds of wounds…even a mild decapitation!

In other news, this how you emerge in the world of “Fallout 4.” Fabulous!

Recently released “Cossacs 3″ has a lovely bug — you can multiple your armies during the battle by simply hitting Ctrl + C / Ctrl + V.

And if you don’t know how to deal with such excessive quantities of enemies, “DOOM” has a perfect solution for you — just use a BFG!

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