Sega takes on Nintendo with a retro Mega Drive console and portable gaming system

Sega takes on Nintendo with a retro Mega Drive console and portable gaming system
Credit: Smyths Toys

Hot on the heels of Nintendo’s announcement of its Classic Mini retro console, Sega is getting into the nostalgia game with a couple of new toys of its own.

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of its popular Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, the company is reviving its Mega Drive brand in the form of a two-player home console, as well as a portable gaming system. The products are manufactured by Chinese firm At Games, which has previously released a slew of retro consoles.

Mega Drive Console

The console supports original Mega Drive cartridges, comes with two wireless controllers and plugs into your TV; the portable system features a 3.2-inch display and includes a rechargeable battery with a USB charger.

Mega Drive portable

What’s especially neat is that both systems come with 80 games built in, including Sega classics like Sonic, Mortal Kombat, Golden Axe and Comix Zone. That means you can start playing as soon as you power them on. You can also load additional game ROMs on an SD cards and enjoy them on the portable console.

Both products are available to pre-order at $65 from UK retailer FunStockRetro (the console can also be had from Smyths) and will start shipping this October. I’d whip out my credit card and pick these up right away, if it weren’t for USGamer’s harsh words about manufacturer At Games’ previous attempts at bringing back Sega games with poor quality hardware.

Still, if you’re nostalgic about all those summers you whiled away with Sonic, Scorpion and Sketch, these might be worth considering.

Sega Mega Drive Classic Home Console And Ultimate Portable Handheld - Packed With 80 (Yes, 80!) Built-in Games! on Games Press

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