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Our coverage of all things Facebook. Founded by Mark Zuckerberg and several fellow students in February 2004, the social network has grown to more than a billion users and currently owns Instagram and WhatsApp.

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  • Facebook has killed the hated Trending Topics bar

    Trending Topics was one of those Facebook features that seemed sensible on paper, but in practice turned out to be a major headache for the company. During its four-year lifespan, it was accused of showing bias (on both sides of the partisan divide), and surfaced fake news stories ...

  • Surprise! Teens hate Facebook

    Facebook, not so long ago, ruled the social media roost. Across nearly all important demographics, the Zuckerberg-led time bomb flattened the competition. Sure, it was losing teens, but many of them were just being diverted to other Facebook-owned properties, like WhatsApp and Instagram. Now, ...

  • Reddit surpasses Facebook to become the 3rd most visited site in the US

    According to Alexa – the Amazon-owned web traffic analyzing platform – more people now visit Reddit than Facebook in the US. Spotted, of course, on Reddit by user IamATechieNerd, the stats will be a big boost for the social sharing platform, especially with many users still ...

  • Tech execs can't be trusted to fix the monster they created

    Social media, smartphones, and other cutting-edge technology were supposed to improve the social experience and facilitate communications and access to information. But now they’ve become the source of many ills, including fake news, live suicides, and murders, hate speech and trolling, ...

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