Facebook reaches 2 billion user milestone

Facebook just hit 2 billion monthly active users. Geez.

Look, we all know Facebook is massive and growing, but that figure is still remarkable. It was at 1.94 billion as of March, so it took a while to add those final 60 million users, but that’s not too surprising given most people who will ever use Facebook are probably already on it.  Also a of March, the company had 1.28 billion daily users, so it’s clear most people are using the platform regularly.

For reference, the current estimated Global population as of April 2017 is 7.5 billion. That means that over a quarter of all the people on planet Earth use Facebook every month – and that’s not even counting Facebook-owned apps like Instagram and WhatsApp.

The company also shared a few other milestones:

To celebrate, the company made a new personalized video for people’s News Feeds highlighting some choice images and posts that you’ve Loved.

Also, next time you use the love reaction, wish someone happy birthday, or create a group, Facebook will send you a little thank you note for “sharing some love.” D’aww, shucks.

It’ll be interesting to see how Facebook intends to keep growing now that it’s hit such a major milestone – there are only so many people in the world after all. Maybe Facebook can start by getting un-banned from China, a country of 1.4 billion people.