Facebook and Twitter want all of your favorite YouTube stars to switch sides


YouTube creators are once again being courted by outside forces offering big bucks to switch platforms. This time it’s Facebook and Twitter.

According to a new report from Bloomberg, both companies have been meeting privately with creators to find out “how they want to build their brands.”

Twitter is believed to be leveraging Amplify, which last year began offering video ad monetization strategies. It has also been hiring YouTubers with existing relationships to the stars they’re targeting, according to Bloomberg.

Facebook is prepared to match YouTube’s 55 percent revenue cut for creators hoping they’ll simply switch sides. The issue is that Facebook doesn’t yet have a solid strategy for how its video platform works.

Fidji Simo, Facebook’s head of video told Bloomberg “We’re going to be experimenting with a bunch of different formats for creators in the coming months. It’s likely not going to be a one size fits all.”

Both companies will have problems in getting YouTubers to switch sides, though. They’ve got an existing audience on the platform. YouTube star Ricky Dillon likely put it best when he said “Facebook’s weird. YouTube’s like my base, everything else essentially promotes back to my YouTube.”

Facebook and Twitter Will Dangle Ad Revenue to Lure YouTube Stars on Bloomberg

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