Here’s how you build Facebook’s $30,000 VR camera

Here’s how you build Facebook’s $30,000 VR camera

Remember Facebook’s Surround 360, the company’s open-source, $30,000 360-degree camera?

The company has just released the parts list and assembly manual – which just so happens to look suspiciously like an IKEA one.

Definitely getting some IKEA vibes here.
Definitely getting some IKEA vibes here.

Lets take a look at some of the materials you you need.


Seventeen cameras? Well, it does cost $30K…


This part looks totally easy.

Facebook Surround360 Screws

Ahh screw it, that’s way too many screws. Maybe next year.

The instructions are for the generic assembly of the camera, but Facebook says it hopes people will modify it to their liking, as its the “first camera to be fully open sourced end-to-end.”

If you have tens of thousands of dollars lying around – not to mention an incredible amount of patience – you can check out the everything you need to build one over on GitHub.

Facebook open sources 360 Surround camera with Ikea-style instructions on TechCrunch

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