Facebook wants to trash UK startup Littergram’s name

Protecting your trademark from rivals is an essential part of any successful business. If you have a hit, someone will always want to trade on your name.

However, I’m not sure I can agree that Littergram, a UK-only app that lets people report local trash hotspots in the hope of being surrounded by less of it in future, is too similar or much of a threat to Instagram’s success.

Facebook disagrees and has, after following up for a more detailed chat, continued with its request that Littergram change its name and respond to its letter by tomorrow.


If Mark Zuckerberg isn’t taken with the plea to back down from Littergram’s founder Danny Lucas, it’ll have no choice but to change its name over the coming months or face a legal challenge. At this stage, Facebook is objecting to the registration of the trademark.

We’ve contacted Facebook for comment and will update with any response.

British app LitterGram begs Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg to withdraw legal action over use of 'gram' in name on Mirror

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