This guy on Product Hunt has just killed Facebook’s business model

This guy on Product Hunt has just killed Facebook’s business model

A Chrome extension from serial dev Juraj Ivan has just gone live on Product Hunt with the goal of getting rid of any unwanted Facebook posts by filtering to only show posts by your friends and updates from pages you follow.

Facebook Friends Feed

It means you won’t see any other posts, including ads, unless you follow a particular brand. The Facebook Friends Feed is essentially what most people want Facebook to be – except of course Facebook.

Facebook Friends Feed

“I realized, that I visit Facebook too often because there is always something new, but mostly it’s stories from people and pages I don’t follow. But these stories appear on my news feed because my friends liked them. Having [my ] news feed cluttered like that, I often miss stories from friends themselves.”

The Slovakian developer, who’s also behind the author publishing app for Mac and the Rich Kids premium photo-sharing app, which is ‘coming soon’, said it took him just 24 hours to create the extension.

Just one day to undo Mark Zuckerberg’s life work, it would seem.

You can also opt to simply gray out the posts you don’t want to see, handy if the recommended posts you see are sometimes useful.

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 15.09.29

He has also offered to develop one for Safari if enough people show interest, although it’s likely Ivan will be hearing from Facebook with a cease and desist, meaning the hack might not stay live for long.

Facebook friends feed [Product Hunt]

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