Facebook is creeping people out with these weirdly polite messages in Newsfeeds

Facebook is creeping people out with these weirdly polite messages in Newsfeeds
Credit: Matt Navarra / TNW

Over the past few weeks some Facebook users have seen a new section appear in their Newsfeed that politely thanks them for using the service.

The messages, which appear at the top of Newsfeeds on mobile sporadically, say polite things like “Good Morning, Owen. Thanks for being here — enjoy Facebook today.”

There are a series of different wordings for the messages which change based on the time of day, but they’re starting to creep people out. Why does Facebook suddenly care about politely thanking you for visiting?

People are mostly confused about why they’re getting them and how Facebook suddenly has manners out of nowhere.

Some people love the messages and think they’re an adorable way to get the day started.

Good Morning Indeed! Now who doesn't like to be greeted this way? I think I WILL enjoy Facebook today. Hope you all have a wonderful day.

Posted by Loreen Muzik on Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Others absolutely hate the feature, or think it’s just creepy.

…And some people are just plain angry.

Have you seen the strangely polite new Facebook messages in your Newsfeed? What do you think?

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