Facebook will stop supporting SHA-1 certificate signatures this October

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Facebook is going to ditch support for the SHA-1 cryptographic hash algorithm from 1 October, 2015.

The social network made the announcement today stating:

These changes are part of a broader shift in how browsers and web sites encrypt traffic to protect the contents of online communications.

SHA-1 was one of the most widely used digest algorithms on the Web, but it was determined to be less secure than previously believed by a report from the CA/Browser Forum in 2011 on Baseline Requirements for SSL.

The report stated its value had deprecated and recommended that Certificate Authorities move away from SHA-1 to SHA-2 certificate signatures instead.

Google began the process last year and now Facebook is following suit.

Facebook suggests developers check that their apps, SDKs and devices support the SHA-2 standard already.

➤ Moving to a More Secure Standard: Please Update your Apps To Support Certificates Signed with SHA-2 [Facebook via VentureBeat]

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