Facebook now has 399 million users who login only from mobile devices

Facebook revealed in its second-quarter earnings today that it has 399 million mobile-only monthly active users (MAUs). That’s about 30 percent of its active user base of 1.3 billion.

More than a billion users sign onto Facebook from a mobile device in a given month, but the number of mobile-only accounts saw a significant jump last quarter. The company picked up 58 million mobile-only users in the second quarter of this year. Considering that Facebook only added 41 million overall users and 62 million mobile users during the period, there’s a clear trend away from Facebook’s desktop services.

The bulk of Facebook’s overall growth is occurring outside of the US, Canada and Europe, so the heavy skew toward mobile is expected. If this keeps up, we may soon find ourselves forgetting Facebook’s early Web roots and instead viewing it as a strictly mobile company.

Facebook Q2 earnings