Facebook continues its mobile focus with quiet launch of Facebook Pages Manager on Android

Facebook continues its mobile focus with quiet launch of Facebook Pages Manager on Android

Ensuring that Android smartphone and tablet owners are able to enjoy the same features as their iOS counterparts, Facebook has quietly launched its Pages Manager app on Google Play, just hours after it updated its iOS and Android Messenger apps to include voice messaging.

The Appside noticed the new Facebook app, which will provide Page admins with the opportunity to post new updates and photos across multiple pages, view and reply to private messages, receive Page notifications the minute someone interacts or comments on it, as well as delivering Page insights on a mobile device.

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At the time of writing, the app appears to be available in only a limited number of regions. In the UK, we were unable to download the app to our various Android devices.

Update: Facebook has said that it is available in Canada, Australia and New Zealand from today and will be rolling out more widely in the coming weeks.

It’s taken a while for Facebook to bring its Pages Manager app to Android, having released an iOS version in May 2012. At present, the Android app isn’t as fully featured as the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch version — which provides admins  with options to add and promote Facebook Offers directly within the app — but it is the very first version of the app.

Facebook has kept quiet on its release, the company’s Pages Manager help page still notes: “Right now, the Pages Manager app is only available on iPhone and iPad”.

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Image Credit: horiavarlan/Flickr

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