Facebook tests Photo Sync feature on Android devices, mimics Google+ and Dropbox

Facebook tests Photo Sync feature on Android devices, mimics Google+ and Dropbox

Automatic photo uploads are a feature missing from the core of most mobile operating systems, but Android has often provided the functionality for app developers to push images to services the minute they are taken. Facebook knows this and has enabled such a feature in its official Android client, testing it with limited set of device owners.

The Verge reports that Facebook’s new Photo Sync feature operates similarly to how the Google+ Android app pushes photos to Google Photos (or Picasa) storage, but uploads will reside in a “Synced from Phone” folder inside Facebook’s Photos page, waiting for you to take appropriate action.

If you were worried you’d be sharing some of those more private photos without knowing, Facebook has you covered.

Facebook appears to be leaning on both Google and Dropbox for inspiration behind its new feature, but as with many of its website features, it is first pushed to a limited subset of users before the company decides whether to roll it out in a future app update.

Facebook also has a small help page on the Photo Sync feature, explaining how it works and hosting a small FAQ to ease worries of those who have access the new sync feature and are worried about using it.

Image Credit: Stephen Lam/Getty Images

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