This woman got over 1 million comments on a Facebook post. But not for the reasons you think

This woman got over 1 million comments on a Facebook post. But not for the reasons you think

An American woman may have just broken the record for the most comments on a Facebook post. While seeing thousands of comments on a public page is certainly nothing new, Cathy Matthews and 107 of her friends set out to eclipse the norm.

Together with a group of her friends, who spend a lot of their time playing Frontierville, a pioneer version of Farmville, Matthews decided to create a post that would earn her some recognition.

Matthew’s claim to fame is getting into the Guinness Book of Records by sitting in front of her Facebook profile and typing the same comment repeatedly on one post. She told Fox40 “Once you get the rhythm, you can go pretty fast.” While there are some wordy comments on the post, a lot of them consist of just the word ‘go’, among other two-letter words.

The post has reached well over 1 million comments, and with just 107 of her friends participating, that means that on average, each person commented over 9,000 times on the post.

While it’s certainly not the same as an interesting or controversial post getting a million comments because it got people talking, it certainly takes a lot of dedication to get one Facebook post up to 1 million comments, vacuous or not.

Tracy Hodgson, one of Matthews’ friends has registered and submitted their achievement to the Guinness Book of Records and they are now waiting to hear if typing the word ‘go’ over and over again on Facebook for hours on end actually paid off.

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