Latest Anonymous threat against Facebook is a fake, but the social network is ready

Latest Anonymous threat against Facebook is a fake, but the social network is ready

We reported yesterday that Facebook was yet again in the crosshairs of Anonymous, but as CNET is reporting today, that turns out to not be the case. The DDoS attacks were to be carried out on January 28th, as discussed in a video that appeared to be official.

Whether there are rogue members of the hacktivist group who want to see Facebook taken down or if these threats were made solely to get people to download its DDoS tools, it looks someone is taking advantage of the decentralization of the group, which ironically is what makes it so powerful in the first place.

Facebook made a statement which went along with my point yesterday that not even Anonymous could take down the social network:

We expect Anonymous just like we expect any other attack on any other day. Due to our size, we face the same threats as seen everywhere else on the Web, but we have developed partnerships, backend systems, and protocols to confront the full range of security challenges we face. Facebook has always been committed to protecting our users’ information, and we will continue to innovate and work tirelessly to defend this data.

We’ll keep an eye on this moving forward, but even if Anonymous were to set its sites on Facebook, the company is most certainly ready for them.

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