Facebook blindly contacting businesses in hopes of landing new advertisers

Facebook blindly contacting businesses in hopes of landing new advertisers

According to a tip we received today, Facebook is now contacting select businesses about a marketing solution service, including 4 weeks of  ‘one to one’ phone consultations. The offering is free, and there appears to be no clear reason why certain businesses are selected.

The message we received was sent via Lourette Bonsu, and says that Facebook’s official Marketing Solutions team “will work with you to help you better understand the Facebook platform and how to implement advertising campaigns that drive marketing results.” The email goes on to ask for an introduction call, and promotes the Facebook Marketing Solutions success stories page, which can be found here.

Clearly, Facebook is pushing to keep businesses utilizing its platform as a go to method for reaching consumers. And while a lot of major brands are being showcased with case studies, there doesn’t seem to be any small businesses involved. All of this work could be due to Facebook’s upcoming IPO, as it would want to show growth.

Thanks to Matt Navarra for the tip.

Here’s the full message:

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