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We’re looking for the 500 brightest minds under age 26 who showcased their talent in 2020

Your talent recognized


After a year away, we’re back spotlighting the most ambitious young talent in the Dutch digital scene! Among the many challenges of 2020, it was a more difficult year for those kick-starting their career to stand out or break through.

That’s where the T500 comes in. Are you shaping the future of tech? We want to recognize you! To make the list for 2020, the requirements are slightly different. We’re looking for those who made an impact in digital over the course of this strange and challenging year.

Apply now to be recognized as one of 500 people under the age of 26 in the Netherlands who showed outstanding accomplishments in digital during 2020, and make your contribution known! The final list will be publicized to our audience through our large media platform.

Applications closed on March 2, 2021.



  • Receive a pass to all of TNW’s Couch Conferences in 2021 (up to €750 value). Attend our online event series bringing together leaders from the world’s top tech brands.

  • Attend 1-1 mentor sessions with business leaders and experts in your field. Gain insights to move your career forward.

  • Get a 50% talent discount on your membership to TNW spaces, and be entered for a chance to win one of ten free memberships! Join a network of founders, investors, and forward-thinkers in Amsterdam.

  • Gain exposure through the TNW media platform.

  • Oh yeah, your name on the T500! Big moves for your personal brand.

T500 Members

Meet a selection of our 500 talents.
  • Abid Omar

    Co-founder, Chatveda

  • Abigaél Straver

    Founder/Creative and Student, A-Town Agency

  • Ahmed Elshaarawi

    Project Assistant, TBWA\NEBOKO

  • Ahsan Fazal


  • Alex Imbrea

    Technical Project Manager, El Niño B.V.

  • Alexander Starodetko

    Digital Director, EMERGE

  • Alexandra Kutanina


  • Alexandre Viana de Miranda

    Customer Success Account Manager, Microsoft

  • Alvise

    CEO, Tech Lead, Intrical AI

  • Amber van der Ham

    Creative Concept Designer, MCI The Netherlands

  • Anand Chowdhary

    Founder/CEO, Oswald Labs and Koj

  • Anastasia Tumchenok

    Marketing & Communication Lead, Polette

  • Andreea

    Sales and Marketing Trainee, P&G

  • Andreea Butincu

    Studio Associate Trainee, Builders

  • Anne Koolen


  • Anouk Dutrée

    Product Owner, UbiOps

  • Anwar Amiri

    Co-founder, Netgain Internetbureau

  • Arnout Ulenberg

    Founder, Data Driven Circularity

  • Bas van der Werf

    Founder and Director, At HalloLex B.V.

  • Bas van Straaten

    Freelance Digital Designer and Webflow Developer

  • Bernd Laas

    Digital transition and Innovation, Port of Rotterdam

  • Billy Kiemeney

    Concept Marketeer Sports, BrandLoyalty

  • Bircem

    Product Owner, Bundle News

  • Boning Gong

    Consultant, McKinsey & Company

  • Boris de Jong

    Entrepreneur, WebNexus

  • Boyd Belshof

    Co-founder, Ecoteers

  • Bram van den Heuvel

    Education Developer, Bit Academy & Bit

  • Bryan Habib

    President, Erasmus Tech Community

  • Bryan Suiker

    Entrepeneur, The Monster Club Corporation

  • Buster Franken

    CEO & AI program advisor, FruitPunch AI & TU/e

  • Carel Schwartzenberg

    Chief Data Scientist, Bit (

  • Carla

    Startup Scout, The Next Web

  • Cato Bui

    Agency Strategist & Startup Lead, Google

  • Chris

    Founder / creative consultant, ARLEE Studios

  • Chris Welfing

    User Experience Designer, ABN AMRO

  • Clara

    (Inbound) Marketing and Communications, Th3rd

  • Claris Parenti

    Global Data Analytics Intern, Arcadis

  • Cosmin Dobra

    Marketing and Sales Specialist, Binkies 3D

  • Cristian


  • Daan van der Zwaag

    Founder, Israel Smart Mobility Living Lab

  • Daisy

    UX designer, Hike One

  • Damiaan Twelker

    Manager Product Development, LIVEOP

  • Daniel

    Junior Growth Marketer, Spike

  • Danuta Mikhailova

    Innovation Team Lead, Epam Systems

  • Daphne

    Designer, Artist, its24am / daphne persoon design

  • Daphne Kramer

    UX/UI Designer, Talpa Network

  • David

    Creative designer, doordavid, Ohallo, Draad

  • David Vos

    Software Engineer, Student, Future of Finance, Student

  • Dax van Poortvliet

    Student / Strategic Partnership Lead, Seenons

  • Deanna Bosschert

    Intern, Active Collective

  • Deniz Alkac

    Executive Producer & Founder, Bruut Amsterdam

  • Dennis Boekhout

    Creative Director, Sparketing

  • Dennis Vollebregt

    Growth Hacker @ RocketX,

  • Dennis Voorn

    Freelancer Marketing & Social Media, Freelancing

  • Diana Tiba

    Growth Marketing Trainer, Growth Tribe

  • Didier Catz

    Creative Developer, Yummygum

  • Dorian Simon

    Head of Business Development, ZecOps

  • Elvinas Predkelis

    Founder & CEO, Primevise, Breave, Clack

  • Elvira A.Garkava

    Business Developer, and Elvigar

  • Enya Seguin

    Co-founder, CEO, Yapili and Delft Imaging

  • Erwin Luijendijk

    Digital designer & Webflow developer, JA!

  • Eva Borsdorf


  • Evgeny Astapov

    Growth Trainee, TNW

  • Fabian de Almeida Ramos

    Software Engineer, INFO

  • Floris Jansen

    Student, Freelancer, Intern, City of Amsterdam

  • Floris Weers

    Student, Research Assistant, University of Twente

  • Fouad

    Cyber Security Consultant, RedTeam Cyber Security BV

  • Francesca

    Startup Scout Intern, The Next Web

  • Frank de Veld


  • Gabriela Onu

    User Experience Designer, The Valley

  • Gaia

    Student / Market Research Intern, Student

  • Georg

    Business Development Representative, Five Degrees

  • George Galloway

    Group Strategy Intern, Philips

  • Gijs Dellemijn


  • Giorgia Madella

    Workplace Innovation Coordinator, N26

  • Guido Schmitz

    Co-Founder & CTO, Oneteam

  • Guus Groenink

    Student & Front-end Developer, Bar Bukowski

  • Harsh Khandelwal

    Medior Full Stack Software Developer,

  • Helena


  • Hermanis Ozols


  • Hidde Schultze

    Lead Developer, Drimpy, VisualRadioAssist

  • Iliya Georgiev

    Lead Developer,

  • Ishan Khurana

    Marketing Specialist, Urban Journalist

  • Ivo Valchev

    Product Owner, Two Kings

  • Jaap Niks

    Product Designer, Mollie Payments

  • Jagathisswaran

    Composer, J3 Studio Karaoke

  • Jakob Bodendieck

    Head of Podcast, SafetyWing

  • Jan Erik van Woerden

    Machine Learning Engineer, Freelance

  • Jan-Paul Beukema

    Media Producer, Radio 1/2/3FM, RTL

  • Jemuel Angela

    Creative Director, Sagitta Creatives

  • Jennifer van Dulken

    Junior Consultant Marketing, Sia Partners

  • Jeroen de Wit

    Student, Marketing Assistant, Video Producer

  • Jeroen van der Elst

    Founder, Seever

  • Jesse Bak

    LinkedIn strategist, TextJesse

  • Jessica Livon

    Student/start-up entrepreneur, Student

  • Jessy Tournier

    Account Executive, Darktrace

  • Jill Kreeft

    Digital Designer, JLL Design

  • Joaquin Rinsma

    Student and freelance videographer / editor

  • Job Verberne

    Owner, Exotic Orange

  • Joep Fransen

    Founder, WebNexus

  • Joey Verseput

    Creative Director, ZO Schoon BV and MediaMonks

  • Jonah Meijers


  • Jonatan Roose

    Director of Product & Operations, Healthy Workers

  • Joost Reus

    UX Designer, RTL (Videoland)

  • Joost van der Straaten

    Student, Frimatek, OnSpect & Politie Amsterdam

  • Jordi van der Hek

    Digital Strategy, Re: Software

  • Joris Baan

    Machine Learning Engineer, DPG Media

  • Jorn de Haan

    Founder, Nextcap Digital Agency

  • Julia

    UX Researcher, Dio Agency

  • Julia Mitereva

    Co-Founder, CMO,

  • Julian Sotscheck

    Kwartiermaker Innovatie (next to study), ECARE

  • Julong Dijkstal

    UX Designer,

  • Jur van Wamel

    Product Owner, Centraal Beheer / Achmea

  • Justin van Dongen

    Founder, JKC Media B.V.

  • Katharina Freiin von Stackelberg

    , Student

  • Kilian

    Project Manager, Young Creators

  • Kim van Velzen


  • Koen Aarns

    Founder & CEO, Bluetick

  • Koen Wijbrands

    Trainee Digital Marketing, ANWB

  • Konstantin Bohlender

    Health Officer, Ogilvy Social.Lab Amsterdam

  • Kris Kuiper


  • Kristina Perovšek


  • Kwan Suppaiboonsuk

    Software Developer, Digital Society School

  • Lars Meijer

    Medior Blockchain Engineer, ABN AMRO

  • Lars Rass

    Marketing & Growth Trainee, TNW

  • Latoya

    Graphic designer, zzp / Ln design

  • Laura Spruijt

    Growth Marketing Lead, Bizcuit Group

  • Laurence de wilde

    Owner / Marketeer, 51designs

  • Lena Shakurova

    Chatbot Developer and NLP Developer,

  • Levi Witmer

    Media & Advertising Specialist, WWF

  • Lindsay Kempen

    Student, University of Twente

  • Lotte Geldermans

    Product Owner, Pitchdrive

  • Lucas Seewald

    Head of Press and Public Relations, Ekster Wallets

  • Lysanne Korterink

    Online Marketer, Better Together Agency

  • Maartje Bakker

    Design Researcher, Design and Prototyping Studio Bit

  • Maegan Hofmeester

    Producer, We Are Live

  • Magnus van Haaren


  • Mara Polak

    Student and Owner at MAAR. (ux design), MAAR.

  • Marc Tjoe Fat

    Finance Transformation Consultant, Finext

  • Marco ten Donkelaar

    UX/UI Designer, Creative CT

  • Maria Barmentlo

    Visual Designer, Kaliber Interactive

  • Marijn Alta

    Student & developer/researcher, Bit

  • Marius de Vogel

    Software Engineer 2, Microsoft

  • Mark Bebawy

    Teaching Assistant, University of Amsterdam

  • Mark Romme

    Deep Learning Engineer, DuckDuckGoose

  • Marlies Reukers

    Transformation Specialist, STITCH 3D

  • Marrit Cnossen

    Creative Strategist, Better Together Agency

  • Martijn Boere

    Entrepreneur and a part-time student,

  • Martijn Schouten

    CTO & Co-founder, WhiskyWhy

  • Mary Senkowska

    CEO at Creative Brain, Creative Brain

  • Maud Olieslagers

    Head of Social, Dorst & Lesser

  • Max Koel

    CEO, Co founder, Delft, Amsterdam

  • Max Rijnierse

    Business Developer, Avy

  • Max van der Horst

    Chief Information Security Officer

  • Mélanie Gillard

    Junior Events Coordinator, EVBox

  • Melissa Bos

    Front-end developer, Kaliber Interactive

  • Miami Quesne

    Creative Director, Dirty Diamonds

  • Michael Musandu

    Co-founder & CEO, Lalaland

  • Michelle Ruigrok

    Digital Designer, TBWA\X

  • Mick Berkhout

    Student, Picnic & Freelancer

  • Miguel Pieters

    Software Engineer, Student

  • Milan van Schaik

    Developer, Cineville

  • Mirko Vaars

    Developer, Manager, Coach, Bit

  • Mischa van Geelen

    Entrepreneur, Security Researcher, NFIR BV

  • Mitchell Drion

    Co-founder, The Brand Lab B.V.

  • Momin

    Programmer, Student

  • Mónica

    People Operations Generalist, Mollie

  • Muntasir Mahdi

    Entrepreneur, Optimiser

  • My Ai Quan

    Junior Supply Operations Manager (Digital Ads), JustPremium

  • Myrthe Hoekstra

    Freelance photographer and Content creator, SheDecides

  • Nayoung Jung

    Student, Digital Designer, UX Designer, Project BB

  • Nick Tennekes


  • Nicole Sellmeijer

    Design lead, Corekees

  • Niels

    Founder, Recrubo

  • Niels Zee

    Growth Manager, StuDocu

  • Noelle Cicilia

    Student, Luminous

  • Oleksandra

    Product Designer, TomTom

  • Oltion Stojku

    Graphic Designer, Agna Group Albania

  • Pascal van Soest

    Leading Web Designer / Entrepreneur, Twin Digital

  • Patrick Sloot

    Owner, Takt Online

  • Paul Poot

    Consultant Digital Commerce, Incentro

  • Phil Wornath

    UX Designer, KOIOS

  • Phoebe Dodds

    Founder and digital strategist, Buro155

  • Pierpaolo

    Account Manager, OfferZen

  • Quincy Kools

    Digital Designer, Quincy Kools

  • Quint van Dijk

    Robotics Engineer, MX3D

  • Rafael Saapunki

    Artist, Freelance

  • Rehan Saif

    Data Scientist, Digicampus

  • Remco Beugels

    Owner & Software Engineer, B00

  • Rick Bossenbroek

    Freelance Digital Designer & Webflow Developer, Rick Bossenbroek Design

  • Rienk Koenders

    Entrepreneur / Programmer, Smart Home Studio

  • Rita Prota

    Managing director, founder, The Future of Healthcare

  • Robert Praas


  • Robin den Hartog


  • Rolf Willems

    Product Manager, OnSpect, Frimatek

  • Romana Koster

    Product Designer, Brthrs Agency

  • Romy Bond

    Illustrator, Visual Designer, Own company

  • Romy van der Beek

    Product Designer, INFO - Business Innovation Partner

  • Roos Steensma

    Growth Marketer, Otrium

  • Rorik de Boer

    Founder, Crypto Concepts

  • Rosan Sardjoemissier

    Owner, NOXU Music Group

  • Roy Lenferink

    Software Engineer, Thales Netherlands

  • Ruben van Bambost

    User Experience Designer, Fabrique

  • Sabine Kerssens

    Data Analyst,

  • Sander Fremeijer

    Graphic Designer & Visual Artist, Freelancer

  • Sanne


  • Sertley Angela

    Lead Technical Director, Sagitta Creatives

  • Shannon Westerink

    Digital Product & UX Designer, Yellowgrape

  • Shayan Salehi

    Harvard CS50, Kennedy School of Leadership, Homr

  • Shivam Dewan


  • Siebren Hazelhoff Roelfzema

    Founder / Entrepreneur, Streamwijzer

  • Stefan Hoogenboom

    Co-founder, Director, BlackBear

  • Stefānija Pērkone

    User Experience Designer, Digital Agency "The Valley"

  • Stijn Deckers


  • Stijn Pletinckx


  • Stijn Valkenburg

    Owner, Valkenburg and Friends

  • Stijn Veken

    Software Engineer, GUTS Tickets

  • Suhaib Aslam

    Data Designer, Philips

  • Suus ten Voorde

    Frontend developer and social designer, Sólide Agency

  • Tammy Nguyen

    Software Engineer, Ordina B.V.

  • Theo van de Kamp

    Entrepreneur, Mandelo

  • Thierry Maasdam

    “Eindbaas” (owner), Vallonic

  • Thijs Verreck

    Managing Partner, Wavyr

  • Thomas Schoffelen

    Head of Platform Innovation, NearSt

  • Thomas van den Broek

    Customer Services / Marketing / Sales, MontaConnect

  • Thu Tran

    Senior Intelligent Automation Developer, Accenture

  • Thymo ter Doest

    Co-founder and student, AccountingBox

  • Tijani Mustapha


  • Tim Ruiterkamp

    Medior front-end developer, ProudNerds

  • Tim van der Mei

    Co-founder, Aigle Analytics

  • Tim Vromans

    Student, Digital Concepting

  • Timo Hooyen


  • Tino Zwirs

    Board Member, Young Creators

  • Tom Doornik

    Investment Analyst, Slingshot Ventures

  • Tom Pais

    Venture Manager, Gorillas

  • Tom Zwikker


  • Tommy Chiu

    Student / Marketeer, Student / QuandaGo

  • Toon van Strijp

    Full stack software engineer, Debugged B.V.

  • Trevi Awater

    Co-founder, Lead Developer, Re: Software

  • Tu Anh Dinh

    Student and Junior Data Scientist, Mediaan

  • Tycho Onnasch

    Chief Operating Officer, Deedmob

  • Viktória Pikovská

    CEO, Victory Art

  • Vojtech Gorecki

    Venture Architect, Builders Venture Studio

  • Wayne de Boer

    Producer, BV

  • Wim Kamerman

    CTO Clairify, Enschede&Amsterdam

  • Wouter Polman

    Director, Owner, CEO, young entrepreneur, The Pack

  • Wouter Stierhout

    Entrepreneur in Residence, Triple

  • Yaniv Reijzer

    Projectmanager, Olive Diagnostics

  • Yasmine Bouma

    Digital designer, Freelancer

  • Youri Voet

    Founder and CEO, CodeGrade

  • Yunheng Huang

    Co-Founder and Head of Creators, MANYCREATORS

  • Yusuf Abdulquadir Olamilekan

    Typist, Student