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Digital marketing in 2020

In a world under lockdown, people are watching how brands respond. Important considerations must be made: from aligning corporate and social missions, to communicating with the right sensitivity, tone, and timing. Digital marketing has become more important than ever for brands to reach their audience. Marketers must react fast to maximize ROIs amidst consumer disruption.

Our new online event, Re:Brand will leverage expert insights to tackle questions like:

  • How can brands manage the current crisis, and emerge as social and profitable leaders?
  • How can digital marketers quickly adapt their strategy to achieve better results?

We’ve enlisted top thinkers including Rich Pierson, the Co-founder & CEO of Headspace and Arjan Dijk, the CMO of to lead the way.

We know what you’re thinking: not another webinar. Couch Conferences go beyond the online format with hands-on workshops, live interviews, and audience Q&As. Interact with other attendees on real-time discussion boards and expect a few TNW-style touches — digital disco, anyone?


Big names, bigger ideas (have the skills? Apply as a speaker)

  • Rich Pierson

    Rich Pierson

    Co-founder and CEO

  • Arjan Dijk

    Arjan Dijk
    Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer

  • Daniel Waisberg

    Daniel Waisberg

    Search Advocate

  • Jean Case

    Jean Case

    Chairman, National Geographic Society | CEO, Case Foundation

  • Anouk Vleugels

    Anouk Vleugels

    Head of Media

  • Lara O'Reilly

    Lara O'Reilly

    Senior Correspondent

  • Amy Brown

    Amy Brown

    Phoenix Brand Strategy

  • Jonathan Mildenhall

    Jonathan Mildenhall

    Former CMO, Airbnb | CEO, TwentyFirstCenturyBrand

  • Marvin Chow

    Marvin Chow

    Vice President of Global Marketing

  • Eshan Ponnadurai

    Eshan Ponnadurai

    Global Head, Brand & Consumer Marketing

  • Kai D. Wright

    Kai D. Wright

    Follow the Feeling: Brand Building in a Noisy World

  • Christi Olson

    Christi Olson

    Head of Evangelism

  • Alain Sylvain

    Alain Sylvain

    Sylvain Labs
    Founder & CEO

  • Francesco D’Orazio

    Francesco D’Orazio

    Co-founder & CEO

  • Ana Andjelic

    Ana Andjelic

    The Business of Aspiration

  • Jen Grace Baron

    Jen Grace Baron

    Co-CEO and Chief Growth Officer

  • Ron Simpson

    Ron Simpson

    The Avocado Show

Patrick de Laive

Co-founder, TNW
Patrick de Laive

What I expected to happen in 7 years, happened in 7 weeks.
Staying relevant in the new normal and upgrading your digital skills are a must. TNW's Couch Conferences help you and your company to do so.

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Event program

All times in CEST (GMT+1)

  • The hospitality industry is one of the industries most affected by the coronavirus. While many governments are shutting down restaurants and bars to moderate the spread of the virus, owners and executives are forced to find ways to shift their business models. We started to see some restaurants selling gift cards and expanding their delivery services - but one of the essential elements for the business to “stay alive” through this crisis is the strength of its brand.
    Ron Simpson is the co-founder of The Avocado Show, a rapidly internationally expanding restaurant & concept store founded in the Netherlands, with an extensive background in branding and marketing for global players like Red Bull, Nike, Bacardi, and SONY. He will talk about how companies in the hospitality industry need to adapt their brands under the current crisis to survive.

    The session will be moderated by Anouk Vleugels.

  • The COVID-19 pandemic is enormously impacting the travel industry. Although cost cutting and preserving cash during the crisis is vital to protecting a business in the short-term, companies must also keep an eye to the future, where marketing will play an enormous role in the recovery of the global travel industry., a global leader in online travel and the field of digital marketing, will share how they are planning to seek recovery drawing on its strength in the field and what others can learn from the travel industry’s biggest challenge in decades.

  • At the beginning of the lockdown we used to talk about getting back to normal. Over time it became clear that we won’t be going back. Not for a long time, at least.

    With every day that goes by, we are building a new shared reality that's waiting for us on the other side of the pandemic. What looked like a crisis is now shaping up as a ""new normal"" where broad, deep cultural and behavioural shifts are reshaping our societies from the bottom-up.

    Audience Intelligence company Pulsar have been mapping the emergence of new and altered behaviours since the beginning of lockdown to understand which ones are likely to evolve into habits and have a chance to affect consumer needs and value systems for the long term.

    Francesco D’Orazio, CEO of Pulsar, will discuss what they found and what brands can do to navigate, but also negotiate, the new normal that lies ahead.

  • As we approach the next phase of business and branding in the face of this seminal moment we’re in, laser-focus on new consumer needs is crucial. Brands must address our shifting values by contributing to the solution and living up to their purpose now more than ever -- by forgetting lofty words and embracing their true utility. But in times of crisis, tensions run high. The act of balancing tonality becomes essential in making any of those brand movements worthwhile.

    In this panel, Eshan Ponnadurai of WhatsApp and Alain Sylvain of Sylvain Labs will argue that brands must actively fight to create our ‘new normal’ needs rather than waiting to see what emerges. But that the balancing of tonality and timing with actions is what will make or break them.

    The session will be moderated by Anouk Vleugels.

  • It’s business as unusual. Consumers are embracing new behaviors and habits, but are brands and marketers doing the same? New research from Microsoft Advertising highlights a gap between consumer expectations around trust, data and privacy and how brands can use these insights to be more purposeful with their marketing efforts. This isn’t traditional data-driven marketing, its understanding your consumers and what they value and leveraging the data you have to meet those expectations. In this session we’ll highlight changes in consumer behavior and the ever-widening gap between consumer expectations and how brands and marketers can leverage data to create meaningful and purposeful connections.

  • As there are many concerns for societies, economies, and businesses due to the coronavirus, more and more people are experiencing anxiety – the need for mental health support is more crucial than ever. Headspace, a global leader in mindfulness and meditation, has expanded free access to their mindfulness content to support communities following their mission: to improve the health and happiness of the world.
    However, what does it mean from a business perspective? In a time like this, companies have to think about supporting communities, but must think about the impact on their business. Does social contribution help achieve better business outcomes? Rich Pierson, co-founder & CEO of Headspace, will discuss how doing the right thing can be a win-win situation for businesses and consumers.

    The session will be moderated by Anouk Vleugels.

  • In this presentation, Daniel Waisberg will talk about important techniques to consider with regards to Google Search presence during these challenging times - for example, how to make sure your content is showing up accurately on Search. He'll also discuss examples of how companies succeeded in increasing the amount and quality of organic traffic to their websites in general, through usability improvements, boosting appearance on Rich Results, and other optimizations.

  • Coronavirus has a massive impact on the economy - some companies will survive and some companies will not. Even the companies that survive the crisis, must master a new environment. Fearless leadership and community-driven branding will be the key for survival and recovery. This fireside chat will discuss how companies should react in a time like this to survive, how leadership needs to be more authentic and brand strategy needs to shift towards answering basic needs by becoming functional and community centric.

    The session will be moderated by Anouk Vleugels.

  • Covid-19 has forced a fundamental shift in consumer behavior. With values and attitudes quickly changing, some brands will struggle to stay relevant while others have an opportunity to deepen their connection with consumers by understanding how they feel and delivering on what they need.

    Google has always been human-first in their approach to technology and marketing. Explore the importance of empathy, helpfulness and innovation when it comes to meeting consumers where they are – and get Marvin’s take on where consumers and tech are headed next.

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