The TNW Europe 2016 schedule is now live!

The TNW Europe 2016 schedule is now live!

Taking place on May 26 & 27, TNW Conference is now just around the corner. This year is our biggest edition ever, bringing together 10,000 attendees per day, almost 150 speakers over 2 days and cross 8 tracks of content on 5 stages. In other words – you’re going to need to plan your time very carefully! Luckily, you can now view our conference schedule in all its glory.

Aside from showtimes, the schedule let’s you learn more about the topics our legendary speakers and panels will be covering, view their bios to discover what put them on our stage, and start a conversation with them on Twitter. Thanks to our friends over at BLOKKS for the great product they’ve delivered and the time spent rolling it out.

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One look and you’ll see there’s never been a bigger, better, and more diverse edition of TNW Conference. Don’t forget, tickets are still available for now, but prices are set to rise soon.

Here’s a summary of the 8 tracks of content we’ve got for you this year:

1. Digital Innovation: Let tech pioneers give you a glimpse into the future of technology and business.

2. Entrepreneur: All about success stories, product development, venture capital, startup lessons and more.

3. Disruptive Machines: Explores wearables, Internet of Things, gadgets, connected vehicles, home automation, robotics, VR and AI

4. Growth Acceleration: Marketing, Ad:tech, social media, SEM, SEO, media, community and other topics that will grow your company.

5. Fast Money: Become a unicorn with talks on fintech, crowdfunding, marketplaces, banking, peer-to-peer lending and cryptocurrencies.

6. Future Generations: Smart Cities, public health, cleantech, energy, social Good, tackling real world problems and more.

7. Developers & Design: Includes mobile & web development, UX Design, JavaScript, frameworks, open source and Hack Battle demos.

8. Collaborative Economy: Covers topics like sharing economy, access economy, on-demand economy, peer-to-peer, sharing city, trust and co-sumerism.

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