SponsorMyEvent wants to play matchmaker for event planners and sponsors

SponsorMyEvent wants to play matchmaker for event planners and sponsors

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Taking event technology in a different direction, SponsorMyEvent aims to tackle the issue of sponsors not being able to find suitable events, and event organizers not being able to get the attention of sponsors.

Acting as a marketplace, it matches event planners with prospective sponsors.


Not many events could happen without sponsorship money, and although SponsorMyEvent isn’t the first company to offer a sponsorship directory of sorts, it’s among the first to be facilitating matchmaking and interactions between the event and sponsor.

We spoke to SponsorMyEvent co-founder and CEO, Peter Pöhle, to find out a bit more:

TNW: Where did the idea for SponsorMyEvent come from?

Pöhle: While working on a business event directory and a matchmaking-platform for events, event professionals approached us to help them find sponsors. Having experience in both rolls, we knew about the importance of sponsorships and how hard it is for organizers and sponsors to connect. So, combining the idea of a marketplace for sponsorships and matchmaking was the foundation for SponsorMyEvent.

What’s your background? 

I’ve worked in the internet industry for over fifteen years. I developed a web-based CRM in 2002 and a CMS that was deployed on many sites.

As a serial entrepreneur, I’ve gained considerable experience in management and marketing over the years as well.

My co-founder, Gilles Poulles, has worked with me on many projects since 2006. He has created interactive sites for newspapers and hotels, as well as a locker-booking system.

In 2011 we created Yappoint, a booking system for appointment-based service providers.

What are your goals for SponsorMyEvent this year?

Right now, we are in the middle of the expansion phase to the US market, focusing on New York. By the end of the year, we will hopefully be fully implanted in the UK and New York market, having already expanded gradually to LA and San Francisco.

What’s the best thing about working at SponsorMyEvent?

Knowing that events (i.e. charity events) become real because of our help is an incredible feeling. Sponsorships are a largely undervalued marketing channel. Working at SponsorMyEvent allows us to help fantastic events find funding, and at the same time we help companies to gain visibility. It really gives us the feeling that we can put a dent in the universe with our work.

And if you didn’t launch SponsorMyEvent, what would you be doing?

There are thousands of brilliant ideas around that are just waiting to be discovered. I would never be bored! Besides, we are running a second company that produces corporate films. Producing films is a thrilling experience that can be extremely satisfying as well. But nothing compares to building up an internationally operating company like SponsorMyEvent.



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