Check out the 9 startups demoing at September’s New York Tech Meetup

Check out the 9 startups demoing at September’s New York Tech Meetup

Anyone that’s found themselves eying New York’s tech scene is bound to have heard of NY Tech Meetup, the massive monthly gathering that comes together to watch approximately 10 companies demo their work to the tech community for 3-5 minutes each. Every month a slim 850 seats are available for the meetup’s more than 26,000 members at NYU’s Skirball auditorium, and so once the tickets go live, they sell out almost instantly.

In case you didn’t grab a ticket this month, or are geographically-challenged, TNW once again (read: August & July) has a list of the 9 startups demoing at the event so you can see what you’re missing. Note: some of these companies are just starting out and may have announcements planned, while others have already made a name for themselves in the industry.

Condition One:

Condition One combines the power of the still image, the narrative of films and the engagement of tactile controls to create powerful emotional experiences of ‘being there.’ Condition One doesn’t just open a window into another world – it makes the viewer an active participant. Download our showcase iPad app, featuring a wide range of sample content including: travel, sports, news, music and entertainment.


Movable Ink:

Imagine email that never goes stale. Email that’s always timely. Email that’s relevant no matter where you are. You can stop imagining: The future of email is here, and it’s called Movable Ink.



Social media disclosure is more than regulatory compliance. Transparent communications by brands and their advocates build trust, improve engagement and increase ROI.

CMP.LY unified marketing solutions — offering disclosure, monitoring and analysis — help brands build and protect their trusted social networks, while mitigating risks and optimizing their programs across social platforms



Docracy is a home for contracts and other legal documents, socially curated by the communities that use them. Our mission is to make these documents freely available for everyone, while in the process making them easier to customize and use.


Clear Health Costs:

Your Source for Finding Health Care Prices.

Medical prices vary widely. We think it’s important that you know prices.
We have collected these cash or self-pay prices for procedures and items.



Your personalized address book. Access everyone you know in a whole new way.


Enterproid (Divide):

Divide is a secure private workspace that keeps your business data separated from your personal life. Securely sync email, contacts and calendar with Exchange, Lotus Notes or Gmail and optionally set a separate screenlock around that data for extra security.



Fast and professional voices for any type of project.



TurboVote makes voting from home as easy as renting a DVD from Netflix.


Hack of the Month, StatusChart:

“a clean, simple way to display all of the jobs, projects, hackathons and accolades that make you who you are.” — BetaBeat

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