Social Media Week launches the ultimate photo sharing contest: Instagram Your City

Social Media Week launches the ultimate photo sharing contest: Instagram Your City

For the love of all things social on the Internet, we admire everything about Social Media Week, a worldwide event exploring the social, cultural and economic impact of social media. Since its inception 4 years ago, Social Media Week has held conferences in more than 26 cities around the world.

To celebrate its 6th global event this September, Crowdcentric, the company behind the event, unveiled the Instagram Your City contest, which began on May 1st and runs until June 29th at 11:59pm ET. The contest calls upon citizens of Social Media Week’s 14 hubs — London, Glasgow, Torino, Barcelona, Berlin, Doha, Jeddah, Hong Kong, Seoul, São Paulo, Bogotá, Chicago, Los Angeles and Vancouver — to photograph their cities, and show off each town’s natural and filtered charm.

What will you win? Social Media Week organizers will select one image from each of the 14 cities and from those they will select a grand prize winner, who will receive trip to the SMW city of their choice for September. To date, there have been more than 3,150 submissions on Instagram, with around 600 more on Twitter.

Here’s how to play:

  1. Take a picture: Using any smartphone device, take a photo that captures the uniqueness and heart of one of the 14 host cities for Social Media Week. (Note: To qualify for the grand prize, photos must be taken with a smartphone and must be of one of the 14 participating cities.)
  2. Add a filter: Using Instagram, or other filter apps such as Hipstamatic, StreamZoo, or Lightbox, make your photo stand out. While a filter isn’t necessary to enter, it does make it more fun!
  3. Tag & Share: Using #InstagramYourCity, share on Twitter with the city you’re capturing. For example, “Just submitted my entry to @SocialMediaWeek’s #InstagramYourCity for Berlin!”

Check out a few of our top picks below and see all the submissions here on Pinterest.

Hong Kong by @sambhojwani

@MPTV shows us Berlin!

Seoul coming in from @NyxNalia

Coming up on LA by @instacougar

Reservoirs near Darnley by @garyRbrown

#london#instagramyourcity#bigben#raining- @mortizs

“As we continue to add new Social Media Week cities and expand to incredible parts of the world, we are looking to fulfill the adage of ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’,” said Toby Daniels, Founder & Executive Director of Social Media Week. “As a celebration of the uniqueness of all of our local cities, the Instagram Your City competition will provide a way to tell stories that cross cultural and geographic boundaries.”

➤ Instagram Your City

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