Who will be Shelby.tv’s celebrity guest? The founders of Cheezburger, Path, SoundCloud and more want to know

Who will be Shelby.tv’s celebrity guest? The founders of Cheezburger, Path, SoundCloud and more ...

We’re now less than a week away from SXSW, specifically the Interactive portion of the event that draws geeks, entrepreneurs and wannabes from all over the world for a five-day event to celebrate all that’s holy and good about emerging tech.

While the San Francisco-based startup LaunchRock plans its epic campground party, New York-based Shelby.tv is plotting its hilariously scripted PROJECT G.O.A.T.S., a top secret initiative that will remind you of computer interfaces from 1983.

Essentially, PROJECT G.O.A.T.S. is an opportunity for individuals to pitch a still unnamed celebrity guest during SXSW Interactive in Austin, TX on Saturday, March 10th. As Shelby.tv is a social video platform, expect that your interview will be promoted quite extensively. You are not required to have a SXSW badge to be eligible, but you will be responsible for your transportation to and accommodations in Austin. 10-15 people will be chosen for the interview.

While the celebrity interviewee is still a secret, the first round of interviewers have been picked! Shelby.tv’s Reece Pacheco (pictured right) has finally announced the confirmed participants are below:

  • Ben Huh, Cheezburger
  • Dave Morin, Path
  • Brad Feld, Foundry Group
  • Gary Vaynerchuck, Vayner Media
  • David Noel, Soundcloud
  • Joe Fernandez, Klout
  • David Tisch, TechStars
  • Siobhan Quinn, foursquare, Product Manager
  • Carly Strife, barkbox, CEO
  • Erika Trautman, FlixMaster, CEO
  • Falon Fatemi, Firespotter, Head of BD
  • Ralph Shao, The Tap Lab, Co-Founder & CTO
  • Amy Cao, Foodspotting, Head of Community
  • Sam Rosen, Scaffold, CEO and CoFounder
  • Jon Crawford, Storenvy, CEO

Other winners will be announced today and in the days to come. Also, anyone who signs up at PROJECT G.O.A.T.S by this Wednesday at noon will be put on their list. And if you find Shelby’s live goats at SXSW, Shelby’s goat-wranglers will direct you to the interview location and you’ll be put ‘on deck’.

Can you guess who the celebrity guest will be?

tepic via shutterstock

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