Techmeme is now listing events, as long as they’ll be making news

Techmeme is now listing events, as long as they’ll be making news

A few days ago we here at The Next Web were lamenting the fact that there wasn’t really a good listing for technology events. We didn’t want something like Lanyrd or Plancast because these can often get convoluted with different portions of the same event. Instead we were looking for a clean listing of the primary event. It seems that someone at Techmeme was looking to scratch that same itch, as the tech news aggregation site has launched an events listing of its own:

In a blog post, Techmeme founder Gabe Rivera explains that an events listing seemed to follow the natural progression of the site:

“Just as Techmeme filters the most newsworthy stories in technology, today we begin filtering the industry’s most newsworthy events by including a new section (shown here) detailing the next four months of major industry events. That section in turn points to a dedicated page showing an extended calendar that goes well beyond the next four months.”

What’s interesting about the site’s approach to events listing is that it’s aiming to automatically list those events which are likely to produce stories that would appear on Techmeme. If an event isn’t caught, it can be submitted manually for consideration. There’s a final option, as well, which can give an event a highlight (such as Structure Data, as seen above).

“We’re also offering a paid option for featuring events that you believe Techmeme’s readers may be interested in discovering. What are the benefits of paying? First, we’ll highlight your event in yellow and include a call to REGISTER NOW. Second, you can promote events that don’t otherwise meet our rather rigid news-making criteria. Third, we’ll highlight your event on Techmeme’s home page even if it occurs more than four months in the future.”

It’s a smart move from Gabe and the Techmeme team. Of course, the fact that The Next Web Conference is included might sway our opinion just slightly.

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