Founder Showcase to highlight Silicon Valley’s best and brightest, get tickets now

Founder Showcase to highlight Silicon Valley’s best and brightest, get tickets now

In its ninth iteration, some of the biggest names in Silicon Valley will come together for the Founder Showcase, an event that has helped launch some previously unknown startups into success.

Along with discussing some of the coming trends for 2012, the most savvy investors of last year will be recognized during‘s Entrepreneur Investor Award show. The awards are chosen by prominent entrepreneurs, and will be announced at the event on January 19th.

Only 175 tickets have been made available to the public, making this installment of the event the most exclusive in its history. You can buy your ticket now and get 15% off by using the code TNW.

Founder Showcase:

When: January 19th, 2012
Where: Microsoft Silicon Valley Campus, 1065 La Avenida Street, Bldg 1, Mountain View, CA
Tickets: Buy your tickets here, and use the code TNW for a 15% discount

During the event there will be a seed-stage pitch competition featuring companies that are younger than two years old and have received less than $250k in funding to date. The application period has ended, but if you have a startup and would like to be a part of the action, you can still buy a table at the event and have a shot to be included in the table pitch competition, that will feature the top three startups as voted by attendees.

The lineup of speakers is quite impressive, and include:

Mark Suster, General Partner at GRP Partners and Writer at Both Sides of the Table
Mike Maples, Jr., Managing Partner at FLOODGATE
Dave McClure, Founding Partner at 500 Startups
Adeo Ressi, Founder of the Founder Institute and
Bruce K. Taragin, Managing Director of Blumberg Capital
Scott Hartley, Venture Investor, Mohr Davidow Ventures

Being so early in the year, this is a perfect opportunity to network with the brightest minds and most powerful investors in technology on the west coast. Grab your tickets now and we’ll see you there!

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