COMMON, an accelerator for changing the world, needs 10 entrepreneurs for Pitch NYC

COMMON, an accelerator for changing the world, needs 10 entrepreneurs for Pitch NYC

COMMON, a creative community for accelerating social change, is now accepting applications from entrepreneurs to present at COMMON Pitch NYC. The event highlights the brightest ideas for collaborative consumption — the ways social technologies help us to borrow, share and trade everything we need. COMMON explains:

Changing the world is the challenge of our generation, and using less stuff by sharing or trading is one awesomely powerful way to start doing that.

This is COMMON’s second event, and is sure to follow the spirit of its first in Boulder, CO. Think ‘short pitches, celebrity judges, live music and a creative, collaborative environment.’ Common insists ‘Saving the world has to be fun. Otherwise no one would do it,’ and we can’t help but agree with them. COMMON CMO, Carmel Hagen tells TNW:

Startups like Micki Krimmel’s NeighborGoods and AirBnb are showing that with a little creativity, many of the things we need – a place to stay, a book, or even a vacuum – can be made available through non-traditional means. We’ve been so trained to think of consumption as a purely financial transaction containing brand new products, which lets incredible amounts of value go to waste. You can share that book you’re done reading. You can rent that room you’re not occupying. You can trade your kid for a better kid. No, just kidding, you can’t do that.

The event is in partnership with Social Media Week, a global platform for discussing emerging trends in social and mobile media, and is being held on February 15. Only 10 entrepreneurs will present, and if think you should be one of them, you have until January 9 to apply.

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