Germany reportedly resumes domestic surveillance efforts with the NSA

Germany reportedly resumes domestic surveillance efforts with the NSA
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After halting its internet surveillance targeting German companies and officials last May, the country’s BND intelligence agency has resumed its spying operations in collaboration with the NSA, according to Reuters.

German media reported that collaboration between the two agencies have started up again at the Bad Aibling surveillance station and that the BND has resumed supplying intelligence to the NSA.

Officials have not yet confirmed the renewed partnership, but there’s good reason to believe the agencies are working together again. The move comes amid European nations becoming wary of terrorist activity since the attacks in Paris on November 13.

In addition, German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere called for closer cooperation with foreign security services following an alert concerning possible suicide bombings in Munich over New Year’s Eve, which likely came from a friendly intelligence agency.

The BND and the NSA had a falling out last May over concerns that the American agency failed to justify its requests for surveillance of German officials and firms.

German spies revive internet snooping work with US: reports [Reuters]

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