iZettle introduces support for Star Micronics printers and improved merchant analytics

iZettle introduces support for Star Micronics printers and improved merchant analytics

Sweden-based mobile payments startup iZettle has boosted its offering for merchants after the Mastercard-backed company announced support for Star Micronics wireless printers and added a range of new analytics to its app for merchants.

Star Micronics has been working with Apple — to supply printers to its stores worldwide — and now it is linking up with iZettle to allow merchants to connect to its desktop and mobile printers. That will help manage cash drawers or allow merchants to provide customers with printed receipts, in addition to the digital versions that iZettle sends with each transaction.

“The new receipt printer and cash drawer functionality, and sales overview tools, address many frequent requests from our users,” said Jacob de Geer, co-founder and CEO of iZettle.

The company has also introduced new graphs which are easier to read, thanks to new boxes to sort data by metrics and a setting that lets data be arranged by year, month or week. By widening the options for diving into and assessing customer data, iZettle will hope to give retailers a further reason to opt for its solution over competing mobile payment systems.


The startup is one of a number in Europe that is aiming to establish itself in the continent’s growing mobile payment space. Other rivals include Rocket Internet-backed Payleven, SumUp (both of which are from Germany) and industry giant PayPal, which will launch its PayPal Here service in the UK this summer.

For now, US startup Square is an interested observer that has plans to go international, but no specific launch for Europe, as yet.

There is plenty of innovation among these startups. Payleven was first to launch a fully-certified Chip & PIN solution, while SumUp is working on exciting new features that could let users order coffee simply by saying their name.

iZettle has apps for Android and iOS and is available in seven European markets: the UK, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Spain. The company has raised more than $46 million to date, including a $31.4 million Series B round from October 2012.

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