LinkedIn adds support for Danish, seeking to grow its near-1m users in Denmark

LinkedIn adds support for Danish, seeking to grow its near-1m users in Denmark

LinkedIn has continued its efforts to roll out internationally and appeal to local markets after the professional social network introduced support for Danish, which becomes its nineteenth local language.

Local support has been added at a good time, if you like milestones, since the service is standing on the precipice of one million users, with its Danish contingent currently numbering 900,000 users.

LinkedIn is seeing encouraging signs from the Scandinavian country, where it says that 72 percent of the working population already use its service. There’s plenty of potential to develop that number, given that some 94 percent of Danes actively use social networks in general.

As well as boosting LinkedIn’s own numbers and services, the localization stands to benefit the Danish population, of course, as Lars Ingerslev, commercial manager of LinkedIn Nordics, explains.

“The Danish export sector accounting for half (50 percent) of Denmark’s GDP, the addition of a Danish language version of LinkedIn will not only make it easier for Danish professionals and companies to connect with each other, but also to connect and collaborate with a global network of more than 175 million professionals,” he said.

Neighbouring Sweden and Norway are already localized as part of the 19 languages offered by LinkedIn, which cumulatively has more than 3 million members across the Nordic region.

Earlier this month, LinkedIn passed 10 million members in the UK. The country sits third on LinkedIn’s global list, behind the US (circa 66.5 million) and India (15 million). In a sign of its global impact, an impressive 62 percent of the service’s members are based outside of the US.

Image via Flickr / Mario Sundar

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