Conferize aims to ‘reinvent conferences’, quietly exits stealth mode

Conferize aims to ‘reinvent conferences’, quietly exits stealth mode

As one of the largest technology industry blogs in the world, the majority of our writing staff spends quite some time attending relevant conferences all over the globe in person (and of course we also organize our own). They still have value.

There’s something about physically putting hundreds of people from the same industry in the same room(s) for some time that you just can’t replicate digitally.

But conference organizers and attendees can no longer ignore digital, of course, and new startup Conferize believes we’ve only begun to scratch the surface of how the Internet can be leveraged to make events a more fulfilling experience for everyone involved. Check out the Conferize manifesto to learn how.

Founder and CEO Martin Ferro-Thomsen (also the co-founder of Issuu) is today soft-launching Conferize in alpha mode, with hopes to ‘reinvent conferences and professional events for the 21st century’.

The site currently lets you search for and submit professional events, and enables users to indicate which conferences they plan to attend. People can indicate what they’re into and follow people they trust for conference recommendations.

Every event gets its own page, and you can see what ours looks like below.

Right now, Conferize still feels a bit rough around the edges, almost like it’s missing a clear raison d’être, but it’s early days of course. Also, as Ferro-Thomsen points out, the project is completely bootstrapped.


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