Meet Kulisha, the site that wants to pin your social feed

Meet Kulisha, the site that wants to pin your social feed

It seems that the runaway success of Pinterest has been influencing more than just how people cut and paste images online. Introducing Kulisha, social networking aggregation site that tips its hat at a familiar graphical display.

The site is still currently in beta, you can plug in your Twitter and Facebook accounts to create a bulletin board of updates. It looks somewhere between Tweetdeck and Pinterest and the refresh is manual at the moment.


Developer Joakim Fischer and designer Daniel Sehlstedt, both in Sweden are behind the project. Fischer says, “We found ourselves going through social networks in a hurry and missing important posts that we didn’t have time to read, didn’t work on mobile or needed to be saved for later to work in a normal browser.  Information was getting lost and we think it is important to be able to pin things so that you can read them when you want to, not to come back later.”

A more open graphical interface did appear to be high in their minds, and to give credit to the team, they started construction just two weeks ago in order to open up and iterate. Fischer says, “Pinterest was a big influence when it came to the dynamic part of the layout, and we believe that this way of optimizing the space works for the social feed as well.”

Even the lexicon of online activity has been affected , “The personal saved “Pins” will be highly improved in the near future to enable the option to keep several different Pin lists so you can organize your favourite posts. We want to focus on a great personal experience. We have lot of ideas, and want more from our users.”

Already it includes a search function that is quite fun and a bit better than trying to track things down in Facebook. Kulisha appears to be in its very basic form at the moment, but if it does develop with our demands and feedback, it might become a useful tool for other digital social butterflies.


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