How Sony plans to take on Spotify and Netflix

How Sony plans to take on Spotify and Netflix

You could be forgiven for not being aware that Sony has its own streaming music and video services. Compared to the likes of Spotify and Netflix, they haven’t exactly had much publicity.

However, Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited, both part of the Sony Entertainment Network along with the Playstation Network, have quietly been building into an offering that the Japanese giant hopes will take on better known names in the field.

Music Unlimited is now available in 13 territories, with more than one million active users accessing its 15 million song library on a range of both Sony and non-Sony devices alike. Meanwhile, Video Unlimited offers on-demand movies from major Hollywood studios solely on Sony devices, on a ‘buy or rent’ basis as opposed to Netflix’s monthly subscription.

At Midem in Cannes today, we caught up with Tim Schaaff, the president of Sony Network Entertainment to find out how its cloud-based entertainment services are evolving and to ask, in the light of last year’s Playstation Network data breach, can consumers trust Sony?

Listen to the interview below.

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