launches robot to help women size up clothes online launches robot to help women size up clothes online

When you buy clothes online, choosing the right size can be tough. How do you know if that top will really fit you without actually trying it on? Estonian startup launched an innovative solution to this problem last year, but only for men – now the female equivalent has been rolled out for the first time. uses a custom-built robot mannequin (a ‘FitBot’) to accurately model clothes as they look on a wide range of body sizes. This means that the plugin for online clothing retail sites can simulate what a garment will look like on any body shape.

With the new solution for women, customers use sliders to enter their height, bust, waist, hips and the measurement from their wrist to the back of their neck. Then, an image of what the robot mannequin looked like wearing a garment in the size of your choice and with your exact body size, is displayed, giving you a much better idea of whether it’s worth wearing or not.

The female robot took longer to develop than the male one due to the broader range of body shapes and sizes the female body can take. The first website to adopt’s solution for women is that of British clothes retailer Hawes and Curtis, where it is already available to use. The company says that its sales to new customers have increased by 57%, and sales to international customers have doubled since the system was introduced.

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