iPad DJ Rana June takes the stage at The Next Web Conference

iPad DJ Rana June takes the stage at The Next Web Conference

One year ago, iPad DJ Rana June became a professional performer, touring the world with 2 iPads in her hands, programming skills in her brain and a love of music in her heart.

As of today, she’s played over 100 shows in one year for over 80,000 people. June is light and nimble in her travels; forget lugging around heavy DJ equipment. And don’t underestimate her iPad skills, she’s not using T-Pain’s autotune app. Essentially, June hacked a version of a touchscreen Ableton Live and uses apps that are readily in the app store like a modified Looptastic HD ($14.99), which is color coded based on the type of audio you’re manipulating.

Prior to DJing, she worked in politics and wrote a book about the iPhone analytics platform called “Mobilize: Strategies for Success from the Frontlines of the App Revolution.” [Amazon Link] She is now the face of the iPad DJ revolution, touring the world with the likes of Paul van Dyk. But in the words of Rana June, let me stop talking for a minute, and just show you how cool this chick is…

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