Squeeqly launches to plug some social into online retail

Squeeqly launches to plug some social into online retail

Social shopping is a rapidly developing area and Squeeqly, launching today at The Next Web Conference Startup Rally, aims to take a chunk of the market with a plugin that allows e-commerce sites to harness their customers’ social networks to find new customers and find out more about their customers.

The plugin enables users to engage conversations around retailers’ products with their friends on Facebook and Twitter. Users can write and publish reviews on social networks and maintain wishlists. Actions conducted through the plugin by shoppers are rewarded with discounts on purchases. Meanwhile, retailers gain additional exposure to their products through this social activity.

Retailers also benefit from Squeeqly’s social analytics tools that identify top influencers based on replies, clicks and conversions. The most influential customers can then be rewarded with better deals to keep them sweet.

Squeeqly was started by Mihai Rotaru (CTO) and Alex Rada (CEO) after they met at an event at Bucharest Hub, a tech co-working space in Romania. During conversation they realised that online shops had no way to identify and reward key influencers, while users had no structured way to ask for shopping advice from the actual product pages. “Why not let users interact with their social graph around the shop and let the ecommerce site reward its most loyal users for doing what they like?”, they though. They began the project right away working on it on the spot and haven’t stopped yet.

Squeeqly is available for retailers to install from today.

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