Qubulus offers location-based workforce support with Iguana

Qubulus offers location-based workforce support with Iguana

With the world getting a whole lot smaller thanks to the Internet, you’d think that managing a work force across the miles would be a lot easier today. But technology hasn’t moved as quickly in this field to enable true collaboration that incorporates indoor positioning. Qubulus, based in Malmo, Sweden, believes it has the solution to location-based work force support with its new endeavour, Iguana, which is being presented at The Next Web Conference.

Iguana is based on the company’s positioning platform, LocLizard, and is powered by its QPS™ positioning engine. Iguana offers tools that serve to support work managers and employees in their daily work, adding an aspect of efficiency to team collaboration that hasn’t been available before.

It is designed to work in larger office areas with multiple floors, buildings and sites thanks to the positioning technology it utilizes. Iguana enables employees to define and manage work groups, and in the mobile client or on a website you can identify team members by name and location.

With Iguana, resources can be better managed, infrastructure can be better implemented and through customization and extensions, it can meet a company’s specific needs. The full platform release is scheduled for August 2011.

Qubulus was founded by Ants Maran and Frank Schull and is the only company to create software-only XY and Z (vertical) positioning with great accuracy, and the only company who can actually provide this to the customer for free by giving them the tools to create indoor positioning themselves. Iguana is just the latest in a line of “lizard products” that includes Salamander, Gecko and the LocLizard platform.

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