is like Adsense but for newspapers and magazines is like Adsense but for newspapers and magazines

Self-serve advertising is massive online, you only have to take a look at Google Adsense of Facebook Adverts and see just how much revenue they bring in their respective companies.

When advertising in a print publication, campaign managers aren’t necessarily afforded the same control over their ads as they are online. Launching today at The Next Web Conference Startup Rally is a new service from Marvia called, placing power back into advertisers hands by providing provide a ‘click&go’ online platform that allows anyone to create and place an advert across all types of media.

Initially focusing on print magazines, journals and newspapers, Marvia will work to output documents in all formats, covering publishers for their print, web or tablet publications, adapting to whatever the future of publishing has in store for the industry. provides a platform with which advertisers can create and place ads in all types of publications, removing the human cost of sales, design and traffic. All the publisher needs to do is add a button to its website and it can then receive submissions, without any technical integrations or setup.

Marvia’s platforms have proved popular in the Netherlands and now the company is looking to expand globally, offering its cloud-based infrastructure to advertisers and publishers worlwide. Working completely online, the button will help publishers benefit from this new revenue stream of smaller SME  advertisers.

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