Peecho launches ‘Print button for the Internet’

Peecho launches ‘Print button for the Internet’

Amsterdam-based cloud printing startup Peecho has launched a new service that allows anyone to add a ‘Print’ button to their website.

The company is marketing it as being just as simple to use as a Facebook ‘Like’ button. You just create a button, get an embed code and add it to any page. Once pressed, the button opens up Peecho’s interface which allows visitors to order your documents in book or magazine format. The printing and delivery is then handled by Peecho’s global network of print facilities.

In a smart move, Peecho allows website owners to add a price premium on top of its own printing costs, turning it into a revenue-sharing deal. From today, anyone can sign up to create a button from the startup’s website. Initially, the service will only support PDF documents, but more formats will be added over time.

The launch of the button marks one year since Peecho first announced its Printcloud service at The Next Web’s 2010 Startup Rally, allowing anyone to connect to its API and print personalized products such as photo books, t-shirts and postcards. Look out for our coverage of this year’s Startup Rally contenders from tomorrow, right here on The Next Web.

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