Taking Conference Networking to the Next Level

Taking Conference Networking to the Next Level

At The Next Web Conference we want you to leave with at least 10 times the value you invested in the conference. That is why we put a lot of effort into creating an inspiring and fun atmosphere where it is really easy to bump into people and get connected.

We’ve also invested time and effort into developing a tool that help you see who else is coming, search for potential new business contacts and make appointments during the conference.

We’ve built a private (mobile) business network, that works on any phone, tablet and laptop but is only accessible to attendees of TNW2011. It really takes networking to the next level. We tested a first version of this network at a previous conference and it delivered so much more value for people, that some of them told us they would happily pay 500 euros extra for an event as long as they offered this tool too.

The network allows you to:

  • Browse and search through all attendees
  • Set up meetings on and around the event with attendees
  • Meet potential clients
  • Ask for introductions

The network is based on your Linkedin profile, so you connect to that, and within a minute you’re all set. We announced the network on Friday and within 24 hours more than 4000 profile pages were viewed.

The network is only accessible for people who are actually attending the conference. We plan to make the service available to other events in the future so if you are interested in that contact Arjen Schat. If you want to attend TNW2011 reserve a ticket before we are sold out.

Reserve your tickets today so you can see can get access to this next level networking tool too.

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