Beautiful virtual goods site Daillly drops deals for charity this Easter

Beautiful virtual goods site Daillly drops deals for charity this Easter

Daily deals sites are everywhere these days, and Daillly, which specialises in selling apps, online services and virtual goods for social games, is one of the best looking we’ve seen. This Easter the site is dropping the deals entirely though, instead focusing on an initiative to raise money for Save The Children’s Japan Earthquake Tsunami Relief programme.

For the next week, users will be able to donate $1 or more via the site, receiving a suitably virtual ‘Helping Japan’ badge on their Daillly user profile page, as well as access to some rather gorgeous “I am helping.” wallpaper for your computer, iPad or iPhone.

Poland-based Daillly’s Luke Miler says that in the three weeks since the service launched, it has gained thousands of users. With social features being developed for the site and an eye on attracting investment for company, it’s particularly laudable that the young startup has taken a week out of income-generating business to run a charity campaign.

“There’s no better feeling than knowing that you are putting a smile on someone’s face and we deeply believe that we can use technology not only to build fantastic businesses, but also – more simply than ever – support and help more and more people to smile and be happy,” says Miler. Awww!

The campaign runs for the next seven days.

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