TNW2011 is appified!

TNW2011 is appified!

We are happy to announce that Apple has approved our #TNW2011 conference iPhone app. Download it now from iTunes to get a taste of what’s in store for you at the conference.

The app contains the complete conference schedule, a live view of all tweets surrounding the event, all the photos that are tagged TNW2011 and a map of Amsterdam showing all the spots you need to see while you are visiting Amsterdam.

Besides that you can also check the weather, see TNW movies, access our Conference Network (more on that later) and tweet from within the app where the hashtag (#TNW2011) is already pre-formatted.

The app was developed by Shoudio founder Roeland Landegent using his famous ‘Koninginedag app‘ as a template. He uses Titanium Appcelerator for fast and easy prototyping enabling us to quickly design, change and deploy the app.

Download the app, reserve your ticket and don’t miss out on a great event!

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