Graduates promote their talents with ‘App Store’ for interns

Graduates promote their talents with ‘App Store’ for interns

In a fitting display of creativity, the first graduates from the Mobile Applications course at Sweden’s super-cool digital education college Hyper Island have decided to promote their skills to employers in the form of an ‘App Store’.

Intern Store is shamelessly, er, inspired by Apple’s App Store but presents individual graduates themselves, showcasing the apps they’ve been involved in along with a brief bio of each person. In place of the App Store’s ‘Download’ button, a ‘Get Intern’ option allows you to get right in touch with any individual on the site. The store also offers up some of the graduates’ favourite apps in the real App Store, along with links to download them.

The graduates say that the campaign is designed to celebrate iOS, which the students consider the primary platform for their near future, as well as allowing them to quickly make their mark in a memorable way with potential future employers.

“Being the first mobile graduates, we realised that we are currently very attractive in the industry. Therefore we felt fortunate to let digital companies make the move and come to us”, grad student Mike Krollin says.

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