Want to sell your company to Microsoft, Vodafone or Amazon? This is your chance…

Want to sell your company to Microsoft, Vodafone or Amazon? This is your chance…

Companies sponsor conferences for a reason. They don’t just want you to see their logos and remember their names, no they want to meet you, do deals, learn new things and go home with a bunch of businesscards that might lead to more business down the road.

In other words: these sponsors are all eager to talk to you and that is a huge opportunity for you as an entrepreneur. How often do you get a chance to talk to senior partners from Microsoft and Vodafone? How could you benefit from talking to Amazon, Bookings.com and Blackberry? Want to sell your company to Facebook, Amazon or Microsoft somewhere down the line? Why not talk to them now, when they are eager to listen?

So when you plan to attend TNW2011, or any conference really, take a GOOD look at the sponsor list and think how you could benefit from getting to know these people. You can always cold call them in a few months, but why not establish a connection now, when they are listening?

To stimulate networking even further, The Next Web Conference always offers their attendees access to our business network. You will be able to see who else is coming and directly contact them. Of course, if you want an introduction you can always contact us (Boris, Patrick) too.

These are all the sponsors that will be attending TNW2011:

Giga Sponsors

Microsoft BizSparkVodafone Developer

Mega Sponsors


API Partners


VC Sponsors

The Next Web

Media Partners

The Next WebMashableWIREDFD

Blog Partners


Event Partners


Music Partners


Attend The Next Web Conference and reserve your tickets today!

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